Our Facility

We welcome adolescent males, aged 12 to 21 to grow and develop to their greatest potential and to participate in everyday community life.

The children will complete their assigned morning chores and eat breakfast as scheduled, considering a weekday or weekend.

Evening hours consists of leisure time, age-appropriate activities, community group activities and skill-building classes in a variety of areas.

Living Our Lives Community Living LLC fosters Choices and Independence:

  • Participant Choice
  • Child’s Confidentiality and Safeguards

The interdisciplinary team, including the owner, director, HSP, Case Managers, Medical Directors, and other case managers work with the child and family to determine what services, supports, treatment and care can help foster continued community residence.

  • private room with two bedroom
  • outside view of a house
  • inside a house comfort room
  • staff office room
  • outdoor playground
  • house living room

Admissions Policies and Procedures

It is our policy that each child admitted receiving services from Living Our Lives, LLC. be provided a resident handbook and participates in the development and implementation of their individualized service plan, and received medical treatment within 72 hours, if applicable, as a part of the intake process. If not completed within 72 hours, a written statement shall be completed discussing any incompletion of the intake process. The health services to be provided to the children, addressing preventive, routine, emergency medical care, immunizations and dental care and required time frame. Living Our Lives, LLC will request immunization records for all residents. However, if any resident missing any immunization Living Our Lives will make sure that the missing immunization appointment be scheduled within 72 hours upon arrival of the resident.

Individuals Living Our Lives Serve

Living Our Lives, LLC provides MWO services to male ages 12-18 years old with emotional and behavior issues. Below are some of the characteristics of individuals the facility will assist.

  • Lacks skills necessary to function independently such as lack of education, social skills, etc.
  • Has poor control of anger towards self and others
  • Is sexual active
  • Poor social skills
  • Has a history stealing, cursing, fighting, etc.
  • Is academic delayed
  • Has mental issues and/outbursts

Individuals Living Our Lives DO NOT Serve

Living Our Lives is unable to provide services if the individuals meeting any of the following:

  • Sex Offenders and/or sexually aggressive individuals
  • Medical Fragile
  • Individuals with a Feeding Tube
  • Individuals that need assistance with ADLs
  • Individual and out-of-state referrals. Out-of-state referrals are accepted according to the Interstate Compact Laws and Regulations with the verification that prior to any placement, approval has been given by the states’ respective compact administrators.

Staff to Child Ratio

Living Our Lives, LLC provides services to Maximum Watchful Oversight (MWO) residents. Therefore, at any time the facility will require only one Direct Child Care Worker on shift; there will be someone on-call at all times for any emergencies purposes, etc. There will be an on-call schedule providing the name and number listed of the person(s) to call; also, this information will be provided on the daily schedule.

However, because the facility provides services to MWO residents; the staff to child ratio is 1:5, but if for any reason safety is in question, two Direct Child Care staff members should be present. Direct Child Care Workers are responsible for monitoring the residents every 15 minutes and making sure all checks are documented in writing.

The on-call schedule will provide the telephone number and the person to contact in case of emergency.


It is the policy of Living Our Lives, LLC that all individual are supervised on a 24 hour basis. This means staff is to know the whereabouts of all residents at all times. This also means staff should have residents in there line of site when they are not at the facility and when residents are at the facility.

All information will be reviewed and a decision will be determined if the individual is acceptable for the facility. If the individual met the criteria, and then the county DFACS will be notified and the process will start from there. The criteria for the admission of a child will be used to determine whether our program can best serve the needs of the child. Each case will be considered on its own value, including the capability of the program to appropriately serve the child’s need.

Individual’s admission for Living Our Lives, LLC will be considered solely on the documentation concerning their need and will be considered without regards to the individual’s race, color, creed, religion, HIV, or national origin.