group of kids playing each otherLiving Our Lives Community Living LLC strives to provide the best care possible for the children in our care.

Child Placement and Emergency Placement

Living Our Lives, LLC provides service 24 hours a day /7 days a week, each resident that is suitable for placement at Living Our Lives, LLC as needed will have a trial period up to thirty (30) days, see if the home is suitable needs for the child services and placement. Neither shall child be admitted on emergency basis if the presence of the child to be admitted will be damaging to the ingoing functioning of the group or the residents already in care.

Services provided by Living Our Lives, LLC

  1. Transportation (provided by facility)
  2. Community outings/recreational activities (provided by facility)
  3. Education (Public Education)
  4. Counseling Services (contracted)
  5. CSI (contracted)
  6. Dental (contracted)
  7. Medical treatment (contracted)
  8. Independent Living Skills (provided by facility/DFACS)
  9. Group sessions (provided by facility/contracted)

The services typically occur during evenings and weekends.

Community Participation services are individually planned to meet the children’s needs and preferences for active community participation. These services are provided in either

Community-based or home-based settings are provided with the intended outcome of these services is to improve the participant’s access to the community through increased skills and/or less paid supports.

Community Participation is provided to all the children. (On Monthly Activity Schedule)

Living Our Lives Community Living LLC provides activities that include:

Community Participations

  • Picnics
  • Day Trip
  • Shopping
  • Dining Out
  • Zoo
  • Movies
  • Museum
  • Parks
  • Bowling
  • Church
  • Skating
  • Therapy

Living Our Lives, LLC will serve adolescent males, ages 12-21 years of age. Children at Living Our Lives Community Living LLC receive 24-hour, 7 days a week watchful services. There will be a trial period of up to 30 days to see if the home is suitable for the child’s service and placement (15 minutes check throughout the day). At Living Our Lives, LLC assist adolescents in care practicing good hygiene skills. The residents complete their assigned morning chores and eat breakfast as scheduled, considering a weekday or weekend. Evening hours consist of leisure time age appropriate activities, community group activities, and skill-building classes in a variety of areas.

Human and civil rights are maintained. The Organization has policies that promote and protect individual rights. Children and family join together in celebration of anniversaries, birthdays, simple day-to-day interactions, joys and accomplishments, outings, community events and more.