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Living Our Lives Community Living LLC

houseLiving Our Lives Community Living LLC is a child care provider. We are a small community-setting for a group of 10 (ten) or less boys from ages 12 to 21. We are a foundation for learning life skills, developing self-esteem and learning to exist interdependence with others. Children are provided with services, supports, care and treatment by staff who are properly licensed, credentialed, trained and who are competent.

We compassionately work with extended families and promote the individual’s maturing relationship with his or her own natural birth family (reunification). Relationships matter!

We strengthen families and protect our children from neglect, abuse, exploitation and to ensure every child a permanent family. We will provide Room and Board as well as Watchful Oversight 24/7. As an organization, Living Our Lives Community Living LLC believes in growing young men in the society by teaching them independence through a home-like environment, resources and providing them with the love that they deserve.

Our Facility

Living Our Lives Community Living LLC will welcome adolescent males, aged 12 to 21 to grow and develop to their greatest potential and to participate in everyday community life. Visit our facility for more information.

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